I’m not sure whether I absolutely love this or want to burst out in hysterical laughter. Mark Evans and Siobhan Dillon sound pretty good (albeit with some muted production on this version of the track), but the bit where they try to merge the Ghost storyline with a betrayed-ex-themed pop song is a bit funny.

Anyway, good on them for doing a bit of out-of-the-box promotion. As I was saying about Wicked, I think West End shows could stand to do some fresher and more innovative multimedia marketing – stuff like this is a great way to get attention. I haven’t been back to see Ghost since my visit in previews, but I hope to soon. A great day for musical geekery!



January 9, 2011

One of the reasons I started West End Geek was that I became increasingly aware of a new breed of theatregoer that was young, enthusiastic and genuinely wanted to spend their money on seeing as many shows as possible. This is a generation that has nothing to do with the fusty, middle-aged white men writing reviews for the broadsheets, but who get excited about new talent, talk in terms of original casts, revivals and favourite leads, and who quite possibly perform themselves, be it Am-dram or training professionally. Joining Twitter last year, I found a buzzing community of people putting out 140-character reviews, reporting from opening nights and sharing news and gossip. This online wave of theatre-geekery has enabled us to come out of the closet, share our love of all things sparkly, perky and camp and discover fabulous voices and performances every day.

YouTube video Brandweer Nederweert

YouTube: hot stuff

Added to this is the wonder of YouTube. There are billions of videos out there by musical theatre fans; some are clever homages to certain shows, some behind-the-scenes nosy, some dodgily-recorded clips of shows. I’m not praising or promoting these bootleg vids, but it is darn useful to confirm whether you want to see a certain new lead, for instance. If you search around for something normal (a Wicked clip, for example) you’ll often find something crazy (someone has genuinely put together an ‘Elphaba-off’ – matching clips of the same ambitious parts of Defying Gravity sung by different actresses).  Here are ten vids you might enjoy – don’t worry, no Rachel Berry-style home performances…

Kerry Ellis and Brian May talk about her recent album, Anthems

Kez and Brian chat about the production process, cut in with lots of clips of her doing her thing. Always good to appreciate someone who is every bit as good live in the studio as the final cut.

Wickeder – Forbidden Broadway

Not strictly video, but this audio clip of the hilarious Wicked parody by the creators of witty cabaret Forbidden Broadway is an absolute geekfest. Not only are the vocalists spot on in their roasting of Idina and Kristin, but the lyrics are phenomenal and the tale of their competition for Broadway darling and Tony Award winner is brilliantly summarized.

Angeline sings Les Miserables

Hilarious because my sisters and I also sang along to this epic musical in the car as little-uns, 5-year-old Angeline gives a strong performance as Convict 1, Javert AND Jean Valjean while listening to the opening of the show. A WEG in the making.

Good Morning Voldemort

What do you get when you cross a crazed Harry Potter fan with a crazed Hairspray fan? This bizarre version of Tracy Turnblad’s belter of a song is oddly brilliant. Even if the miming is slightly hysterical.

Oklahoma Cast do Lady Gaga

Being on tour can do funny things to you. Luckily this cast’s dose of crazy was also ha-ha funny, as they recreated Lady Gaga’s Telephone video almost frame-by-frame. Some exceptional dancing, miming and direction here, a world away from Surrey with the Fringe on Top.

Lea Salonga’s audition for Miss Saigon

This is fascinating as a piece of musical theatre history; Lea Salonga was only 17 when she auditioned for the lead role in Miss Saigon (during the producers’ international search for a young Asian star) and her voice is already so beautiful and pure in this clip. A few months of rehearsal later, you can also see her promotional performance on Wogan as the show opened in 1989.

Legally Blonde on Broadway

Legally Blonde was one of the first musicals to use TV to increase its profile. MTV broadcast the whole production, available in parts on YouTube, and then created a casting show to find the next Elle Woods. This was the first time I’d seen a televised, well-filmed stage show, and I think it really works (without decreasing the appeal of the live version) – when it came to London I knew I wanted to see it.

Prop 8: The Musical

When California’s ‘Proposition 8’ was passed in 2008, revoking the right of same-sex couples to marry legally in the state, there was outrage throughout the entertainment industry as well as the gay community. Marc Shaiman decided to write a witty musical about the issue, and this genius clip stars Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris among others.

Ghost: the musical preview

This hotly-anticipated musical has truly milked its online coverage, but luckily the songs sound fab. Watch my girl-crush Caissie Levy, Sharon D. Clarke and the creative team showcase the material on this film about their Abbey Road studio sessions.

Cheno on Glee

For anyone else who thought Kristin Chenoweth was the absolute highlight of Glee’s season 1 guest stars, this is a cute little insight into the filming of her first episode. For my all-time favourite, Chenoweth moment, see Taylor the Latte Boy.