Lauren Samuels hits the studio

June 7, 2011

I wasn’t her biggest fan on Over the Rainbow*, but Lauren Samuels has certainly come a long way. Check out this clip of her riffing her socks off in the studio on composer Chris Passey‘s album, due out this year:

I also heard good things about La Samuels in The Last Five Years earlier this year – my guest reviewer Tom was certainly impressed. Maybe she’s a grower, or perhaps she just needs the right role. I think she comes off a bit Rachel Berry (ruthless ambition glowing in her eyes) – so if they ever make Glee: the musical, she’s a shoe-in.

*(I thought she lacked the charm and humility for Dorothy, not to mention that traumatic ending to her I Could Have Danced All Night)


4 Responses to “Lauren Samuels hits the studio”

  1. claire parker Says:

    Fabulous clip I agree – not sure why you feel she has come a long way though as when I have seen her perform i have to say she has always been amazing and a lovely person. In the last five years she was tremendous and I saw her chatting to people for ages after the show- may be this just proves a point of how these reality TV shows can portray people. Im also amazed at how you can see the ambition glowing in her eyes – I cant see her eyes at all in this clip…..

  2. Lucy Says:

    I agree that reality TV can edit people cleverly, but I think in Lauren’s case she just wasn’t that likeable – I know lots of viewers agree. If you’re an actress, no amount of editing should stop you from at least acting sweet 😉

    As for coming a long way – from the Over the Rainbow performances (which you can still find on YouTube) to this I think there’s a big vocal improvement. Eyes wise, I guess I must have formed my Rachel Berry comparison at some point before writing this post/seeing this clip.

    Thanks for reading!

    • TP Says:

      Ouch! I’d obviously blocked that clip out….

      I never warmed to her on SOTR either. Glad she’s doing well though 🙂


  3. Mike Ord Says:

    Lauren has sent me a very sweet letter with her autograph…she really appreciates her fans and I see nothing but a warm gentle lass with lots of talent

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