Fairytale phenomenon

March 22, 2011

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a beautiful princess was… a little pissed off.

This brilliant Disney parody, Portrait of a Princess (written by hot new composer Michael Bruce) has absolutely made my week.

Our leading lady is the hysterically sharp and subtle Julie Atherton, navigating a less-than-romantic royal existence filled with deadbeat princes, sexual frustration and dwarves. It simply confirms my long-held suspicion that Atherton is the best comedy actress and singer we have in the West End.

There are also some excellent cameos from Legally Blonde‘s Sheridan Smith, Being Human‘s Russell Tovey and even S Club’s Jon Lee at 2:46!

The video was produced by the fabulous Speckulation Entertainment, who I can always rely on for fresh, homegrown musical theatre talent, and has had over 23, 899 hits already.

Join the fun and witness the bits that Disney left out.

Michael Bruce’s album Unwritten Songs, featuring this track, is now available at Dress Circle, Amazon and iTunes.


One Response to “Fairytale phenomenon”

  1. solovaye Says:

    hi lucy,
    Several people are trying to get Michael Bruce’s Much Ado About Nothing, with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, recorded to DVD and widely distributed. Is there anyone you can contact to share this fact and how important it is for us and for all those connected with the show, especially Michael. He certainly needs to be more widely known. If Comic Relief could be involved it would be a huge boon to the charity. Thanks.

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