Fit for a prince

December 17, 2010

For anyone who didn’t catch the Royal Variety Performance last night, the musical theatre crowd were out in force (amongst lesser vocalists such as Cheryl Cole and N Dubz.) Danielle Hope gave a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow – preceded by a somewhat bizarre medley by rainbow-clad children, baffled by their choreography – and a large crop of Les Mis cast sang through a much more beefy excerpt of the show than I’d anticipated. Alfie Boe is still too operatic for me, but Samantha Barks’ On My Own and the ‘Four Valjeans’ singing Bring Him Home were both wonderful.

The battle for Christmas Number 1 has once again reared its head (remember the days when no one really cared and Bob the Builder would take the crown?) and this year’s anti-X Factor bid, 4.33, just seems wildly pointless to me. If Cowell’s chosen puppet – and I have to say, I do like Matt Cardle as a singer – is so bad, there should be loads of other great tracks out there to contend with them. People shouldn’t have to resort to buying silence to prove a point.

The Four Valjeans are also in the running this year, and I urge any musical theatre types to buy their single. Not only is it stunning to listen to, it’s in aid of soldiers’ charity Tickets for Troops, and the B-side is On My Own (Samantha Barks.) Definitely worth £2.99.

To see their Royal Variety performance, skip to 01.25 on the iPlayer video. It is total travesty that the show stuck Les Mis in the middle in favour of a Take That finale – what with Strictly, X Factor and now this, could they be any more overexposed?


One Response to “Fit for a prince”

  1. Tom Says:

    Totally agree – the Les Mis section was stunning, although I would’ve loved a JOJ solo section. I liked the Four Valjeans but though it detracted slightly from the subtle beauty at the beginning (which made my Mum cry!). Bit of a shame they didn’t do One Day More but so glad to see how far Sam Barks has come – glad we supported her back in the day! Definitely better than Cheryl ‘Autotune’ Cole and Take ‘Bizarre’ That!

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