Drink with Me

November 30, 2010

WEG is a long-term fan, but 2010 has truly been the year of Les Misérables. Stupidly, I had my 25th anniversary concert DVD delivered to my parents’, where I’m spending Christmas, and now am having major viewing envy as theatre fans tweet their reactions to receiving their copy. For those who didn’t catch the O2 extravaganza, here is my take on it.

Today a documentary about the quarter-century celebrations was brought to my attention, which will air on 29 December (BBC1, 8pm.) Les Mis at 25: Matt Lucas Dreams the Dream will show Matt Lucas behind the scenes and in rehearsals for the O2. As a fully outed WEG, I am dying to see this.

For those of you lucky things tearing open your DVD or Blu-ray full of barricade-y, whore-y goodness, I propose a little festive fun: the Les Mis Drinking Game.

I’ll come up with a few rules, and you can comment with your own. For example:

You must drink for the duration of every ‘24601‘ sung

Boys drink whenever a new female character enters, girls for every new male

Drink whenever the On My Own theme plays (more than you might think)

Drink throughout every solo sung by Nick Jonas – this is for your own benefit

One Day More: Each person in the room must pick a character line each – if you mess up your lyrics, down it

Keep the boozy suggestions coming...


3 Responses to “Drink with Me”

  1. Abby Says:

    Drink every time there’s a bit of sexual innuendo
    (probably just a sip or Lovely Ladies will leave you paraletic)

    Do a shot everytime a named character dies
    (Again not any old revolutionary or it could get dangerous…perhaps there
    should be an extreme version of my game =p or anyone still feeling sober by the end, do a shot for every death, that should do the trick)

    Boys drink everytime the men sing about fighting, girls drink everytime the women sing about love/relationships

    I’m hugely looking forward to playing this game!

  2. Em Says:

    Drink for the duration of Javert falling off the bridge.

    Drink everytime the word “die” is mentioned. Perhaps alternating between soft drinks and alcohol for that one….

  3. Tom Says:

    Do a shot everytime ‘God’ is mentioned.

    Drink whenever there’s uplifting, soaring music or harmonies (feel free to judge).

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