Encore! / Refund!

November 19, 2010


Julie Atherton’s album No Space for Air – this continues to receive plenty of Twitter love. Personally WEG is loving        I Never Saw Blue Like That.

The Public Reviews who have asked me to do an interview and three reviews for them in the next few weeks just off of the back of this little blog. Look out for them!

Kerry Ellis guesting on Alfie Boe’s new album, apparently with a rendition of Come What May… the odd couple thing sort of works for me.

Budget theatre on the big screen – you won’t get the goosebumps of live theatre, but in a recession it’s the more the merrier.

The We Will Rock You tour. I’ve never been much inspired to go and see this questionable Queenfest, but I may well stroll down to Wales Millenium Centre when it comes to Cardiff next spring.

The West End Whingers. They’re controversial, camp and crochety, but also a damn good read. Along with TPR, they’re changing the face of theatre criticism for the better – and I for one am sick of reading the opinions of old white guys who already hate musicals.


Yet more oversharing from the Dorothys:

@LaurenSamuels88 I was just sick in my mouth on stage…had to swallow it to risk embarrassment. Definitely turned a funny colour…Egypt belly go please!!

Chronic name-droppers… it’s nice that you know talented people, but maybe put some energy into your day job as well.

Panto. It may be a great chance to see your favourite stars at your local theatre, but the cheesiness, audience participation and predictability of panto just leaves me cold. I hope to have my mind changed this winter!

Pricey programmes. I like knowing who’s who, but £3.50 or £5 for a big glossy pile of nothing? If they could be made more like mini-magazines with fascinating facts and quirky interviews with the cast, as well as some behind the scenes insight, they might be worth the cash. Millions of ads and waffle about the theatre’s history are not items to be treasured.

Pushy mums. Sophie ‘Over the Rainbow’ Evans on Welsh TV last night: ‘my mum first noticed I had something special…. my mum first saw the ad for the show…’ Obviously it pays off, but it makes me a little sad. No one knows they want to be a singer at the age of three.


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