Encore! / Refund!

October 28, 2010

What I’m diggin’ and dissin’ this month….


Avenue Q – why must you leave us?! All is not lost though – you can catch Princeton, Trekkie and the whole gang on tour from February.

John Owen-Jones donning the Phantom mask from November 6th. My overdraft doesn’t approve but I’m so booking.

Elaine Paige looking foxy on her new album cover. The fairy godmother of musical theatre releases Elaine Paige and Friends next month, featuring Idina Menzel and Olivia Newton-John amongst others. Work that black satin, EP.

I’d Do Anything just premiered on BBC America, and they’re loving it. Why can’t these things be repeated over here? I miss the tears and campery.

The Stage’s Mark Shenton writing a column about weeing during theatre. First Vogue covers poo, now this. Bodily functions are the new couture.


Denise Van Outen in Legally Blonde. Actually, DVO in anything. Anyone who had to sit through the likes of Rent:Remixed will know this overrated blonde is woefully miscast as Paulette. AND she has the gall to put ‘Rent‘ in her bio.

Tomorrow Morning only notching up two stars from What’s On Stage, who described the show as ‘like something ordered in a catalogue.’ Ouch.

The spending review. Cutting the arts just seems like kicking us while we’re down. When his finance minister wanted to slash arts funding to aid the war effort, Winston Churchill replied, ‘Then what are we fighting for?’

Roughly half of the actors nominated for an Evening Standard Theatre Award being TV ‘faces’.

TMI on Twitter. ‘Omg I’m so bloated it feels like I’m pregnant with twins.’ Why thank you, Steph Fearon.


4 Responses to “Encore! / Refund!”

  1. Tom Says:

    Totally agree about stunt casting, I’m sick of TV names taking the roles away from talented people who worked hard to train and slog away at their careers.

  2. Emma Says:

    Completely agree about Rent remixed!

  3. Abby Says:

    I SO wish they’d repeat shows like I’d Do Anything, would be great to watch again!
    Cant believe Avenue Q and Sister Act are ending, sad times =(

  4. […] fuzziness and xenophobia of Avenue Q right on their doorstep. We all shed a little tear when it closed in October, but for those nowhere near the gold-paved streets of London it was a tiny hooray […]

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