Give me an M

October 18, 2010

As you may have picked up, while this blog embraces all types of theatre, musicals are really at the heart of it for me. When I was set the task of starting a niche blog, I felt there was a real gap in the market for something about theatre – and not Time Out-style listings or The Stage-style classifieds, but based around the throbbing pulse of Theatreland itself. The openings, the closings, the relationships, the collaborations, the hits and the misses. Someone else was having a similar idea a little before me (but a bigger and brighter vision, it must be said.)

Tonight M magazine launched at luvvie’s choice Freedom Bar, an online ‘glossy’ theatre mag for those who really know and love the business of musical theatre. Like this blog, it assumes a certain level of geekiness in its reader, and I am enjoying the first issue for many reasons. A ‘Love/Hate’ section including vitriol for Sheridan Smith’s recent dognapper (big news on Twitter) and adoration for all things Sondheim. An interview with Tomorrow Morning‘s Jon Lee and a feature on fringe composers Kooman and Dimond. The style and design is varied, the writing concise and absorbing and the range of references interesting to even the biggest WestEndGeek. The photo story of leading ladies in their dressing rooms is just stunning, and taps into the voyeur aspect of being a theatre fan. I will definitely be a regular reader, and would love to work on or freelance for such a title in the future. M is aiming to become ‘the Vogue of musical theatre’, and I think even Anna Wintour would approve of its slick image.


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