Spotlight on…

October 15, 2010

Flashdance the musical! I really want to see this. Sizzling welder/dancer Alex is played by Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, who was interviewed in The Stage last week. Opposite her is Matt Willis (yes, he of Busted fame). Could be a sexy explosion of dance and song, could go horribly, horribly wrong. Some Tweeted thoughts from the gala press night audience last night…

@ArlenePhillips Flashdance is just about to open my fate is sealed but the cast is brilliant the dance crew divine and they deserve the best

@ChrisMacklin I’d be really pissed off if I was sat behind Brian May right now… Surely he can do something with that hair?!

@MunchkinDamo Ha! Been sat next to Duncan From Blue and Jason Gardiner!

@ShentonStage Just back from opening of FLASHDANCE THE MUSICAL, which won’t be a Shaftesbury flash in the pan. It’s Billy Elliot for grown ups meets Fame.

@WhatsonStage Michael Coveney gives 4* to Flashdance – “has transformed an okay movie with a few songs into a pulsating dance show”

@DeanPiper At the Flashdance after party – super swish. @IamKellyBrook here. Loved Flashdance. Pure entertainment and fun! Dancing is spectacular…

So some good reviews overall (unless the coven of West End witches were just waiting to scuttle home before posting a stinker.) Not to mention the eclectic trio of Brian May, Duncan James and Kelly Brook all making an appearance. I think it’s probably worth a watch if only to see how they stage the iconic water/chair choreography and audition scene parodied by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and, er, Geri Halliwell. Since Shenton’s already made my ‘flash in the pan’ pun, I’ll sign off here. Have a fabulous evening, my fellow WEGs.


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